ADCP Velocity Data

This web page is intended to be the primary method for disseminating the ADCP data collected during the program. The data is concatenated into yearly Codas3 data blocks which can be accessed by clicking on the year listed below and filling out the form. As new data is collected it will be added to the current years’ data blocks. The usual method of data extraction is by specifying a date window but it is also possible to specify a latitude/longitude window. Then specify the desired depth range and vertical averaging. Remember that the usual vertical binsize is 8 meters so nothing smaller than that will work. Also remember that the upper most bins start around 14 meters so specifying a shallower starting depth will produce nan’s even if some of the specified bin contains usable data. The extracted data can be returned in either flat-ASCII format or as MATLAB.

Narrow-Band 150kHz data, 1994-2004

Ocean Surveyor 75kHz data, 2005-Present

A listing of the Oleander cruises and the status of the data collection and processing is available here.