TSG Data

NOAA/AOML and the Northeast Fisheries Science Center installed a Thermosalinograph (TSG) on the Oleander in 2001 which telemetered the data through the SEAS system to NOAA’s VOS site.  The TSG program on the Oleander was discontinued in the fall of 2013.  The TSG has been re-installed under the Oleander Project’s auspices with the first section between Port Elisabeth, NJ and Bermuda obtained in September 2014.

TSG data from the Oleander Project can now be accessed via the ERDDAP data server.

Historic NOAA/AOML TSG matfiles from the Oleander

Prior to Nov 21, 2014 the calibration of the TSG is out of date (2009) so the salinity measurements were of lower quality than previous data sets. A newly calibrated TSG was installed on Nov 21, 2014 so data after that date should meet normal standards.

Download matfiles from 2001-2011:

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