The Northeast Fisheries Science Center has been deploying XBTs, collecting surface salinity samples and towing a continuous plankton recorder from the CMV Oleander since 1977 as part of their ship of opportunity program (SOOP). Volunteer observers rode the Oleander from New Jersey to Bermuda and back at monthly intervals deploying the instruments and collecting the data.  In early 2014 budget cutbacks caused NOAA to cease support for the Oleander XBT and TSG programs. These components have since been picked up by SBU’s and URI’s NSF-supported Oleander Project. The data are presented on this web site and also forwarded on to the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorlogical Laboratory (AOML) in Miami, Florida as part of a much larger global observation program (AOML GOOS Center).

XBT data from the Oleander Project can now be accessed via the ERDDAP data server.

DOWNLOAD data file description for 2008-2011.  Data files for earlier years contain a somewhat abbreviated set of variables.

Any questions, please contact Jon Hare, Charles Flagg or Sandy Fontana.